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We aim at eliminating the health deficits in Ghana in order for everyone to live healthy lives.

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We help poor hospitalized kids access the funding, tools, training, and support they need to become more.


We inform and raise public awareness of many diseases

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Emmanuella, a cheerful twelve-year- old, had been born with an anal malformation that had caused her considerable discomfort and pain. Her condition had made even the simplest daily activities challenging, and she often found herself isolated from other children her age. Despite her struggles, Emmanuella never lost her infectious smile and had dreams of one day becoming a teacher, hoping to inspire and guide other children.
Anita, a brave six-year-old, had been diagnosed with septic arthritis, a painful joint infection that had severely impacted her mobility. Previously an active and lively child, Anita had been confined to a wheelchair due to her condition. However, her determination and resilience shone through as she continued to attend school and excel in her studies, even from the confines of her chair.

One day, hope arrived at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in the form of the “We Care Health Foundation.” ” This renowned foundation was dedicated to providing medical assistance to children in need, and had recently raised a substantial sum of GHS 3000.00 to support surgeries for those unable to afford the necessary treatments.
The news spread like wildfire, and the hospital staff worked tirelessly to identify children whose lives could be transformed by this generous donation. Among the chosen recipients were Emmanuella and Anita, two children whose courage and strength had touched the hearts of everyone around them.
The representatives from the “We Care Health Foundation” visited Korle Bu Teaching Hospital to meet with Emmanuella and Anita’s families and discuss the details of the sponsored surgeries. The children’s parents were overwhelmed with gratitude, for this donation was a glimmer of hope they had never anticipated. They knew that their children’s lives were about to change forever.

As the date for the surgeries approached, the atmosphere at the hospital was one of both anticipation and reassurance. The hospital staff prepared diligently, and the children’s parents found solace in knowing that their beloved ones were in capable hands.
On the day of the surgeries, the sun rose with a golden hue, as if nature itself was celebrating the transformation that was about to take place. Emmanuella and Anita were wheeled into the operating rooms, their parents holding tightly to the hands of each other, their spirits uplifted by the knowledge that a brighter future awaited their children.
The skilled surgeons, fueled by the knowledge that these surgeries were sponsored by the “We Care Health Foundation,” performed the procedures with utmost care and dedication. Hours passed, but the parents never wavered in their faith knowing that this was the turning point for their
children’s lives.

Finally, the operating room doors opened, revealing the smiling faces of Emmanuella and Anita, both in stable condition. The surgeries had been successful, thanks to the expertise of the doctors and the support of the “We Care Health Foundation.”
As they recovered side by side in the hospital ward, Emmanuella and Anita formed a unique bond, becoming each other’s pillars of strength. They encouraged one another to take each step of their healing journey with determination and hope.
With time, Emmanuella found relief from her pain, and Anita regained mobility she had thought she had lost forever. Their joy was boundless, and their dreams were reignited with newly found optimism.
The “We Care Health Foundation” had not just sponsored surgeries; they had breathed life into the dreams of two remarkable children. Emmanuella pursued her dream of becoming a teacher, and Anita was determined become an advocate for disability rights, using her voice to inspire others to never give up

The story of Emmanuella and Anita spread far and wide, becoming a testament to the power of compassion and the impact of a donation that had changed the course of their lives. The “We Care Health Foundation” continued their noble work, touching many more lives in need, leaving a trail of hope and healing in their wake. And so, the legacy of the foundation’s donation lived on, inspiring countless others to care, to give, and to make a difference in the lives of those who needed it most.




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